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Medium Date Framed Size Image Size
Oil Pastel/Ink on Artist Board 1981 17-3/4" H (45cm) x 15-5/8"W (39.5cm) 9-1/2"H (24cm) x 7-1/2"W (19cm)
A beautiful water sprite frolics across the surface of a moonlit body of water. Her diaphanous garment appears to transform into dancing ribbons of light, suggesting the northern lights. Her rootlike hair radiates a trail of stars as the nighttime world of fish and flora rest beneath.

There is no clear understanding of what Susan intended with this title. The imagery does not portray the Greek myth of Hermesí mother, Maia and although water was important in Mayan mythology there is no direct connection to this imagery in those tales. SoÖ Susanís story of Maya shall remain untold.

This original work has been re-framed with an antiqued silvered custom wood frame. Archival triple matted with suede bottom mat, a paper middle mat and an iridized linen top mat. Acid-free materials throughout and re-glazed with Museum conservation, Tru-Vue, UV protective glass. Signed by Susan Seddon Boulet bottom-right. Dated 81.

Opening Offer: $1,600 USD Current High Offer: $7,050 USD High Bidder: bem*****al.com
Sunday, May 12, 202410:35:42 PM$7,050.00bem****al.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:38:19 AM$3,550.00dav****il.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:38:19 AM$3,500.00bem****al.com
Wednesday, May 1, 20242:19:31 PM$3,450.00dav****il.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:37:57 AM$3,450.00dav****il.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:37:57 AM$3,400.00bem****al.com
Wednesday, May 1, 20242:19:31 PM$3,350.00dav****il.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:37:12 AM$3,350.00dav****il.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:37:12 AM$3,300.00bem****al.com
Wednesday, May 1, 20242:19:31 PM$3,250.00dav****il.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:36:23 AM$3,250.00dav****il.com
Tuesday, May 7, 20245:36:23 AM$3,200.00bem****al.com
Wednesday, May 1, 20242:19:31 PM$3,150.00dav****il.com
Friday, May 3, 20247:36:32 AM$3,150.00dav****il.com
Friday, May 3, 20247:36:32 AM$3,100.00dan****ol.com
Wednesday, May 1, 20242:19:31 PM$3,050.00dav****il.com
Wednesday, May 1, 20249:00:51 AM$2,000.00dav****il.com
Wednesday, May 1, 20249:00:51 AM$1,600.00dav****il.com

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