Image Size 17"H x 13-1/2"W
This “Shaman Period” piece portrays a Native American woman in a wonderfully detailed feathered robe. Adorned braids, a hair-pipe choker, a traditional necklace and a “Four Directions” spider image accent her clothing. Cupped in her hands a decorated bowl, out of which spirals a universe of stars. In the vastness of space “hide” two?, three?, four? ravens… each with an individual star held in their beaks. The rich yet subtle colors of the universe shift under changing light as the ravens seem to appear and disappear in the night sky.

"Starcatcher" is limited in edition to one-thousand. Each print is numbered in the margins and blind-stamped to insure authenticity. The image is printed on 140 lb. Sommerset, acid-free, archival paper using state-of-the-art archival inks. Each print has full margins.

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