Ancestors of the North

Image Size 19" H x 15" W
In many indigenous societies around the world, the direction North refers to winter, the warrior, darkness and transformation. Susan named this powerful piece of a figure clothed in fur and feathers and half-merged with ravens "Ancestor of the North”, tying it into those attributes.

In Native American cultures, the raven is a trickster and a symbol of metamorphosis, of change and transformation as well as a bringer of messages from the spirit realm. In this piece Susan evokes the idea of death and darkness tied to transformation, with the raven imagery; the infant, on the chest of the figure, represents hope, birth and new life.

"Ancestors of the North" is limited in edition to one-thousand. Each print is numbered in the margins and blind-stamped to insure authenticity. The image is printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, Bright White, 310gsm, smooth matte, 100% cotton archival paper, using state-of-the-art archival inks. Each print has full margins.

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