October 2020 Online Auction /Sale 

Original Works by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Susan Seddon-Boulet  is considered one of the founding members of the American Visionary Art Movement.  Her magnificent works are widely held in collections around the world.  Four books have been written about her life and art, "Shaman: The Paintings of Susan Seddon-Boulet", "The Goddess Paintings",  "The Power of the Bear" and "Susan Seddon-Boulet:A Retrospective." Written by Michael Babcock and published by Pomegranate Art Books. 

Susan Seddon-Boulet's art continues to exert a profound influence on the lives that it touches.  Anais Nin wrote:

"These figures are out of our dreams, those which flee from us upon awakening, those which are dispersed like dew at dawn, those which fall apart between our fingers like dust-roses.

Susan has a more muted step, or perhaps she is invisible…more soft-voiced, soft-gestured, as the images do not escape from her.  She can return from her voyages with intact descriptions…from places never visited by us but which we remember."

Please enjoy these magnificent works of art from the heart and hand of Susan Seddon-Boulet!

Please note: These are medium resolution images to facilitate quick downloads. The original works are of finer detail & nuance of color.   

Please also note: Museum Conservation Clear “Tru Vue” Glass is a premium glass which provides state-of-the-art UV protection, minimizes glare and at most angles appears virtually invisible. Often used in major museums to protect the masterworks on display.

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"Test Art / Do not Bid"
Oil Pastel/Ink
Date: 2020
Framed Size:
Image Size: 5x5x5
For Testing purposes only ... Read More/Bid
High Bidder: Ch*****b1
Opening Offer: $1,000 USD
Highest Offer: $1,450 USD

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